Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Downloads
41 Status of Eco-Tourism in the Country 1092 UNSTARRED Shri Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Download 216.17 KB
42 Swadesh Darshan Scheme in Assam 1091 UNSTARRED Shri Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Download 202.3 KB
43 Promotion of Tourism in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 1089 UNSTARRED Shri Y. S. Chowdary Download 138.88 KB
44 Schemes to Promote Tourism in Ladakh 1090 UNSTARRED Shri Shaktisinh Gohil
Download 288.55 KB
45 Development of Banks of Ganges for Tourism in Varanasi 94 STARRED Smt. Seema Dwivedi Download 131.69 KB
46 Low Demand for Free Tourist Visa 308 UNSTARRED Shri Mallikarjun Kharge Download 181.75 KB
47 Employment Generated through Schemes under the Ministry 306 UNSTARRED Shri Partap Singh Bajwa Download 131.06 KB
48 Development of Vindhyanchal-Kalikhoh-Ashtabhuja Triangle 305 UNSTARRED Smt. Seema Dwivedi Download 112.07 KB
49 Inclusion of Punaura Dham under PRASAD Scheme 304 UNSTARRED Shri Sushil Kumar Modi Download 131.56 KB
50 Loan Scheme to Boost Tourism Industry 303 UNSTARRED Smt. Shanta Chhetri Download 510.19 KB
51 Representation from IATO 302 UNSTARRED Shri Sanjay Raut Download 115.34 KB
52 Promotion of Cruise Tourism 301 UNSTARRED Dr. Amar Patnaik Download 7.01 KB
53 PRASHAD Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 300 UNSTARRED Shri T.G. Venkatesh Download 193.71 KB
54 Assistance to Tourism Industry 299 UNSTARRED Shri Sushil Kumar Gupta Download 307.21 KB
55 Development of Rural Circuit and Spiritual Circuit in Odisha 297 UNSTARRED Shri Sujeet Kumar Download 5.85 KB
56 Development of Rameshwaram 298 UNSTARRED Shri K.R.N. Rajeshkumar Download 284.6 KB
57 Establishment of National Institute of Water Sports in Andhra Pradesh 296 UNSTARRED Shri Venkataramana Rao Mopidevi Download 180.15 KB
58 Tourism Circuits on Historic Personalities 295 UNSTARRED Dr. Vikas Mahatme Download 109.07 KB
59 Promotion of Tourism in Rajasthan and Maharashtra 271 UNSTARRED Shri Harshvardhan Singh Dungarpur Download 127.11 KB
60 Central Financial Assistance to Puducherry 294 UNSTARRED Shri S. Selvaganabathy Download 6.57 KB