Replies of Questions in Rajya Sabha
Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Attachment File
1 Swadesh Darshan Scheme 2227 UNSTARRED Shri Dhananjay Bhimrao Mahadik usq 2227 for 04082022.pdf
2 Fund for Tourism Development in Kerala 2226 UNSTARRED Shri Abdul Wahab usq 2226 for 04082022.pdf
3 Linking Nimar to Sardar Sarovar under Swadesh Darshan 2225 UNSTARRED Dr. Sumer Singh Solanki usq 2225 for 04082022.pdf
4 Inflow of Tourists to Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep 2224 UNSTARRED Dr. Prashanta Nanda usq 2224 for 04082022.pdf
5 Medical Tourism in the Country 2223 UNSTARRED Dr. Prashanta Nanda, Shri Niranjan Bishi usq 2223 for 04082022.pdf
6 Delay in Resuming E-Visa Services 2221 UNSTARRED Smt. Priyanka Chaturvedi usq 2221 for 04082022.pdf
7 Promotion of Rural Tourism 2222 UNSTARRED Dr. K. Laxman usq 2222 for 04082022.pdf
8 Tourism Potential in Bundelkhand and Chambal Regions 2220 UNSTARRED Smt. Geeta alias Chandraprabha usq 2220 for 04082022.pdf
9 Hotel Management Institutes and Hospitality Education through ITIs 2219 UNSTARRED Dr. Fauzia Khan usq 2219 for 04082022.pdf
10 Proposals from the State of Tamil Nadu 2217 UNSTARRED Shri K.R.N. Rajeshkumar usq 2217 for 04082022.pdf