Replies of Questions in Rajya Sabha by Hon'ble Tourism Minister Archive

Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Downloads
1 Job Creation through Tourist Sites 1120 UNSTARRED Shri Sambhaji Chhatrapati Download 201.47 KB
2 Safety and Security of Genuine Domestic and International Tourists 1119 UNSTARRED Shri Sambhaji Chhatrapati Download 162.75 KB
3 Promotion of Tourism at Protected Forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu 1118 UNSTARRED Shri Sambhaji Chhatrapati Download 199.45 KB
4 Development of Tourist Circuits in North East India 1117 UNSTARRED Shri Rakesh Sinha Download 180.96 KB
5 Status of Ramayan and Buddhist Circuits 1116 UNSTARRED Smt. Shanta Chhetri Download 463.35 KB
6 Development of River Tourism in Odisha 1115 UNSTARRED Shri Sujeet Kumar Download 160.63 KB
7 Impact of Covid-19 on the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in India 1114 UNSTARRED Shri Sujeet Kumar, Dr. Sasmit Patra Download 197.18 KB
8 Loss Incurred to the Tourism Industry due to Covid-19 1113 UNSTARRED Shri Derek O' Brien Download 102.54 KB
9 Tourist Circuits Connecting Religious Places 1112 UNSTARRED Shri C.M. Ramesh Download 278.9 KB
10 Financial Relief to Hotel and Travel Industries 1013 UNSTARRED Shri M. Shanmugam Download 169.7 KB
11 Revival of Tourism Sector 320 UNSTARRED Shri K.K.Ragesh Download 93.07 KB
12 Funds for Iconic Tourist Sites Development 319 UNSTARRED Dr. Sasmit Patra Download 148.92 KB
13 Village Tourism in the Country 318 UNSTARRED Shri Rakesh Sinha Download 261.27 KB
14 Fund Allocation and Revenue Generated from Tourism Sector 317 UNSTARRED Dr. Fauzia Khan Download 299.25 KB
15 Development of New Religious Tourist Circuits in Bihar 315 UNSTARRED Shri Satish Chandra Dubey Download 160.93 KB
16 Inclusion of Places from Marathwada Region into Religious Tourism Circuit 316 UNSTARRED Dr. Bhagwat Karad Download 85.07 KB
17 Effect of Covid-19 Pandamic on the Tourism Sector 314 UNSTARRED Smt. Vandana Chavan Download 269.78 KB
18 Job Losses in Tourism Sector During Covid-19 313 UNSTARRED Dr. Amar Patnaik Download 100.03 KB
19 Measures to Boost Domestic Tourism Post Covid-19 312 UNSTARRED Dr. Amar Patnaik Download 153.87 KB
20 Revenue Losses to Tourism Sector 311 UNSTARRED Dr. Amar Patnaik Download 154.27 KB