Replies of Questions in Rajya Sabha by Hon'ble Tourism Minister Archive

Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Downloads
1 Coastal Circuit Development in Odisha 2718 UNSTARRED Dr. Amar Patnaik Download 6.25 KB
2 Circuit Based Tourist Places in West Bengal under Swadesh Darshan Scheme 2720 UNSTARRED Shrimati Shanta Chhetri Download 6.46 KB
3 Tourist Influx in the Country 246 STARRED Shri Manas Ranjan Bhunia Download 195.63 KB
4 Measures to Boost Domestic Tourism 2719 UNSTARRED Shri Sushil Kumar Gupta Download 77.41 KB
5 Funds Allocation to Manipur for Promotion of Tourism 2711 UNSTARRED Shri K. Bhabananda Singh Download 96.7 KB
6 Concessions to Encourage Travelling by Roads, Railway and Airways 2709 UNSTARRED Dr. Satyanarayan Jatiya Download 130.35 KB
7 Costs of Overseas Promotional Activity 2710 UNSTARRED Shri Partap Singh Bajwa Download 90.87 KB
8 Online Certification Course for Training of Tourist Guides 2713 UNSTARRED Shri Sanjay Seth Download 8.04 KB
9 Impact of Pollution on Tourism Sector 2712 UNSTARRED Dr. Vikas Mahatme Download 86.91 KB
10 Development of Tourism in U.P. 2715 UNSTARRED Dr. Ashok Bajpai Download 123.66 KB
11 Statue of Unity 2716 UNSTARRED Shri Jugalsinh Mathurji Lokhandwala Download 83.57 KB
12 Impact of Corona virus on Tourism Industry 2714 UNSTARRED Shri A. Vijayakumar Download 8.18 KB
13 Revenu from Statue of Unity 2717 UNSTARRED Dr. Santanu Sen Download 174.76 KB
14 Identification of More Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu 1435 UNSTARRED Shri P. Wilson Download 79.99 KB
15 Promotion of Tourism in Gujarat 1438 UNSTARRED Shri Naranbhai J. Rathwa Download 261.57 KB
16 Tourist Spots in Tribal Areas of Gujarat 1437 UNSTARRED Shri Naranbhai J. Rathwa Download 138.78 KB
17 National Tourism Policy 1440 UNSTARRED Shri D. Kupendra Reddy Download 142.79 KB
18 Promotion of Tourism in Gujarat 1436 UNSTARRED Shri Jugalsinh Mathurji Lokhandwala Download 184.93 KB
19 Promotion of Agriculture Tourism 1439 UNSTARRED Shrimati Kanta Kardam Download 143.42 KB
20 Tourism Promotion in Tripura and North Eastern States 1433 UNSTARRED Shrimati Jharna Das Baidya Download 78.21 KB