Overseas Marketing
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1 Approved Revised Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) effective from 01.01.2021. Download 643.74 KB
Travel Trade
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2 Project guidelines of Adopt a Heritage- Apni Dharohar, Apni Pehchaan. Download 409.83 KB
Human Resource Development
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3 Scheme of Capacity Building for Service Providers (Institutes) Download 522.17 KB View Detail
4 Central Financial Assistance to Institutes Download 351.8 KB View Detail
International Cooperation
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5 Participation in the UNWTO View Detail
6 External Assistance View Detail
7 Bilateral Tourism Cooperation Agreements View Detail
Market Research And Statistics
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8 Market Research Professional Services Scheme Guidelines: 2017 18 to 2019 20. Download 186.56 KB
Tourism Infrastructure Development
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9 Scheme Guidelines For Swadesh Darshan Download 924.98 KB
10 Revised Guidelines For Assistance To Central Agencies For Tourism Infrastructure Development Download 210.45 KB View Detail
11 Central Financial Assistance To Information Technology (IT) Download 281.11 KB View Detail
12 Scheme Guidelines For Prasad Download 10.3 MB
13 Scheme Guidelines - Existing (applicable for the projects sanctioned Oct 2017 and onwards). Download 1.05 MB