Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Downloads
1 Tourist Destinations in Maharashtra 2705 UNSTARRED Shri Dhananjay Bhimrao Mahadik Download 186.52 KB
2 Tourism Sector of the Country and the G20 Summit 2704 UNSTARRED Dr. Sonal Mansingh Download 82.78 KB
3 Steps to Increase Inflow of Tourists 2703 UNSTARRED Shri Rajmani Patel, Shri Naranbhai J. Rathwa Download 113.21 KB
4 National Tourism Youth Clubs 2702 UNSTARRED Shri Narayana Koragappa Download 68.98 KB
5 Inclusion of Tourist Places of Darjeeling under Swadesh Darshan Scheme 2701 UNSTARRED Smt. Shanta Chhetri Download 66.84 KB
6 Promotion of Tourism in Visakhapatnam 2700 UNSTARRED Shri G.V.L. Narasimha Rao Download 73.16 KB
7 Safety of Domestic and International Tourists 2699 UNSTARRED Dr. Kalpana Saini Download 90.16 KB
8 Promotion of Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir 2698 UNSTARRED Shri Gulam Ali Download 194.14 KB
9 Tourism in Kashmir 2696 UNSTARRED Shri Kumar Ketkar Download 23.83 KB
10 Number of Foreign Tourists 2697 UNSTARRED Shri Narhari Amin Download 91.16 KB
11 Border Tourism 2695 UNSTARRED Shri Rakesh Sinha Download 203.91 KB
12 G20 Related Tourism Working Group Meeting 250 STARRED Shri Rambhai Harjibhai Mokariya Download 88.54 KB
13 Promotion of Tourism in North Eastern Region and Border Hilly Areas 249 STARRED Lt.Gen. (Dr.) D. P. Vats (Retd.) Download 154.76 KB
14 Capacity Building of Tourist Guides in Uttarakhand 245 STARRED Dr. Kalpana Saini Download 116.17 KB
15 Tourist Police Scheme 1910 UNSTARRED Shri Prabhakar Reddy Yemireddy Download 77.61 KB
16 Role of Tourism in Creating a $5 Trillion Economy 1909 UNSTARRED Smt. Sumitra Balmik Download 80.53 KB
17 Tangible and Intangible Assets Identified in the State of Tamil Nadu 1908 UNSTARRED Shri K. R. N. Rajeshkumar Download 77.8 KB
18 Promotion of Tourism Industry 1907 UNSTARRED Dr. Anil Sukhdeorao Bonde Download 93.4 KB
19 Allocation and Utilization of Funds under Prashad Scheme 1906 UNSTARRED Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney Download 371.38 KB
20 Tourism Infrastructure in the North-East 1905 UNSTARRED Shri Biplab Kumar Deb Download 114.31 KB