Yuva Tourism Club

Following the directions of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Ministry of Tourism intends to celebrate this year at India@75 by launching the campaign focusing on “YUVA Tourism Club” with the strategic objective of creating interest, awareness and a sense of responsibility towards our country’s natural and cultural heritage / tourism amongst children and youth.

The vision is to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Indian tourism who would become aware of tourism possibilities in India, appreciate our rich cultural heritage and develop an interest and passion for tourism. These young ambassadors would be catalysts for promoting tourism in India. Participation in Tourism Clubs is also expected to facilitate development of soft skills like teamwork, management, leadership besides encouraging adoption of responsible tourism practices and concern for sustainable tourism.

CBSE Handbook on Yuva Tourism Club  Click Here

Yuva Tourism Club Concept Note    Click Here

For further information and registration, please visit : https://ytc.tourism.gov.in/