Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Attachment File
111 Hotel Management Institutes and Hospitality Education through ITIs 2219 UNSTARRED Dr. Fauzia Khan usq 2219 for 04082022.pdf
112 Identification & Beautification of Tourist Places in Uttar Pradesh 2218 UNSTARRED Shri Vijay Pal Singh Tomar, Shri Harnath Singh Yadav usq 2218 for 04082022.pdf
113 Proposals from the State of Tamil Nadu 2217 UNSTARRED Shri K.R.N. Rajeshkumar usq 2217 for 04082022.pdf
114 Promotion of Water Sports in Gujarat 2216 UNSTARRED Shri Narhari Amin usq 2216 for 04082022.pdf
115 Support to Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs 2215 UNSTARRED Shri Sandosh Kumar P usq 2215 for 04082022.pdf
116 Tourism Infrastructure Development in Himachal Pradesh 2214 UNSTARRED Ms. Indu Bala Goswami usq 2214 for 04082022.pdf
117 Promotion of Tourism in Kumbakonam 2213 UNSTARRED Shri S. Kalyanasundaram usq 2213 for 04082022.pdf
118 Plans for Development of New Tourism Circuits in Uttarakhand 2212 UNSTARRED Shri Naresh Bansal usq 2212 for 04082022.pdf
119 New Tourist Spots in Punjab 207 STARRED Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal SQ 207 for 04082022.pdf
120 Mamallapuram as Iconic Tourism Site 1431 UNSTARRED Shri K.R.N. Rajeshkumar usq 1431 for 28072022.pdf