Niche Tourism
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
21 Policy for development and promotion of Caravan and Caravancamping parks. Download 79.85 KB
22 Guidelines for the Ministry of Tourism's support to promote Polo as Niche Tourism Product Download 18.41 KB
23 Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) - Active members of India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) Download 434.33 KB
24 Notice inviting EoI Sponsorship of Events having potential for promotion of Golf Tourism to and / or within India alongwith Revised Guidelines for support of the Ministry of Tourism for promoting Golf Tourism Download 246.38 KB
Publicity and Events
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
25 Revised Guidelines for extending Financial Support for Events organized at the National / International Level that have potential for the Promotion of Tourism to and/or within the Country Download 494.53 KB
26 Financial Support to Commerce,Trade and Industry Organisation for Tourism Related Events Download 593.03 KB
27 Guidelines for use of Incredible India Logo Download 244.04 KB
28 Guidelines for production of publicity material in collaboration with Private sector Download 41.95 KB
29 Guidelines for assistance by the Ministry of Tourism to the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Trade Associations for their various events in India and abroad Download 369.62 KB
30 Guidelines for Advertisement in Publication outside Media Plan Download 238.03 KB
31 Guidelines for extending financial support for Joint Advertising in Print Media Campaign Download 44.08 KB
Hotels & Restaurants
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
32 Operational Recommendations for Restaurants. Download 409.69 KB
33 Operational Recommendations for B&B ,Homestay/Farm Stay. Download 637.88 KB
34 Operational Recommendations for Hotels. Download 836.73 KB
35 Guidelines for Approval of Guest Houses Download 73.71 KB
36 Common national standards and guidelines for classification of Incredible India Bed & Breakfast Establishments and Incredible India homestay establishments. Download 1.68 MB
37 Guidelines for approval of Operational Motels. Download 675.37 KB
38 Revised Guidelines for Classification, Re- Classification of Hotels with effect from 19.01.2018 Download 1.79 MB
39 Approval of Motel Projects Download 103.5 KB
40 Approval of Standalone Air Catering Units. Download 26.09 KB