Hotels & Restaurants
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
41 Time Share Resorts (TSR) Download 132.5 KB
42 Guidelines for Project Approval and Classification of Tented Accommodation. Download 164.98 KB
43 Common national standards and guidelines for classification of Incredible India Bed & Breakfast Establishments and Incredible India homestay establishments. Download 1.68 MB
44 Guidelines for approval of Operational Motels. Download 675.37 KB
45 Revised Guidelines for Classification, Re- Classification of Hotels with effect from 19.01.2018 Download 1.79 MB
46 Approval of Motel Projects Download 103.5 KB
47 Approval of Standalone Air Catering Units. Download 26.09 KB
48 Incredible India Bed & Breakfast Guidelines Download 3.75 MB
49 Guidelines of Apartment of Hotels. Download 4.85 MB