Sr.No. Subject Q. No. Q. Type Date Member Downloads
141 New Tourist Infrastructure Projects 87 STARRED Dr. Ashok Bajpai Download 292.67 KB
142 Development of Konark Temple as an Iconic Tourist Site 949 UNSTARRED Dr. Sasmit Patra Download 178.14 KB
143 Loss in Tourism Sector During the Covid-19 Pandemic 320 UNSTARRED Dr. V. Sivadasan Download 152.2 KB
144 Development of Tourism in Andhra Pradesh 319 UNSTARRED Shri V. Vijayasai Reddy Download 298.52 KB
145 Buddhist Corridor in Andhra Pradesh 318 UNSTARRED Shri Parimal Nathwani Download 120.57 KB
146 Swadesh Darshan Scheme and Prashad Scheme 317 UNSTARRED Dr. Banda Prakash Download 617.12 KB
147 Shortage of Capital in Rural Tourism 316 UNSTARRED Shri Akhilesh Prasad Singh Download 293.97 KB
148 Status of Medical Tourism in India 315 UNSTARRED Shri Prashanta Nanda Download 185.65 KB
149 Revenue from Monuments in Rajasthan 314 UNSTARRED Shri Neeraj Dangi Download 397.36 KB
150 Promotion of Indian System of Medical Tourism 313 UNSTARRED Dr. Fauzia Khan Download 113.21 KB
151 Eco-Tourism in Tamil Nadu 312 UNSTARRED Shri Vaiko Download 124.81 KB