Overseas Marketing
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
1 Approved Revised Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) effective from 01.01.2021. Download 643.74 KB
2 Guidelines For Assistance By The Ministry Of Tourism To The Tourism, Travel And Hospitality Trade Associations For Their Various Events In India And Abroad Download 369.62 KB
Travel Trade
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
3 Code of Conduct for Safe & Honorable Tourism Download 665.06 KB
4 Guidelines for the selection, training and licensing of Regional Level Tourist Guides - 2011 Download 292.84 KB
5 Amendment to the Guidelines for Recognition / Renewal Or Extension as an Approved Tourist Transport Operator (TTO) dated: 18th July, 2011. Download 312.88 KB
6 Guidelines for Adventure Tour Operators Download 399.49 KB
7 Guidelines for Tourist Transport Operators Download 415.04 KB
8 Marketing Development Assistance Scheme for promotion of Domestic Tourism (MDA) Download 126.9 KB
9 Guidelines for Inbound Tour Operators Download 487.48 KB
10 Guidelines for Travel Agents Download 401.76 KB
11 Amendment to the Guidelines for Recognition / Renewal Or Extension as an Approved Tourist Transport Operator (TTO) Download 312.88 KB
Human Resource Development
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12 Guidelines on Entrepreneurship Programme Download 125.88 KB
13 Revised guidelines for Scheme for Central financial assistance to IHMs/FCIs/IITTM/ICI/NCHMCT/ ITIs/POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTES/UNIVERSITIES/GOVT. COLLEGES/GOVT. VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS/PSUS ETC. Download 283.96 KB
14 Recruitment & Promotion Rules, 2003 Download 777.64 KB
Niche Tourism
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15 Indian Adventure Tourism Guidelines, Version 2.0 - 2018 Download 5.1 MB
16 Guidelines for the Ministry of Tourism's support to promote Polo as Niche Tourism Product Download 18.41 KB
17 Revised Guidelines For The Promotion Of Wellness And Medical As Niche Tourism Products Download 275.86 KB
18 Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) - Active members of India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) Download 434.33 KB
19 Notice inviting EoI Sponsorship of Events having potential for promotion of Golf Tourism to and / or within India alongwith Revised Guidelines for support of the Ministry of Tourism for promoting Golf Tourism Download 246.38 KB
20 Policy for development and promotion of Caravan and Caravancamping parks. Download 79.85 KB