DGQI Documents
DGQI Documents
Sr.No. Title Attachment File
1 Data and Strategy Unit: Detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) DGQI-2.0_Data_and_Strategy_Unit_ToR.pdf
2 Assessment Questionnaire for Ministries/Departments of GoI (2021-22) DGQI_2.0_Self_Assessment_Questionnaire .pdf
3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DGQI_Frequently_Asked_Questions_(FAQ).pdf
4 Summary of DGQI Summary of DGQI.pdf
5 DGQI Questionnaire DGQI Questionnaire.pdf
6 DGQI PPT for Scheme owners DGQI PPT for Scheme owners.pdf
7 Methodology Toolkit DGQI_2.0_Toolkit_28042022.pdf
8 Scoring Mechanism and Methodology DGQI_2.0_Scoring Mechanism and Methodology.pdf
9 Compendium of Good Practices DGQI_Good_Practices_Compendium_26082022.pdf
10 Indicative outline of roadmap for Ministries/Departments to improve DGQI Scores DGQI-2.0_Action_plan_outline.pdf