Sr.No. Title Download/Details Publish Date
41 Aaj Ka Vakya: This year, annual celebration of the college has been cancelled. Download 1.74 MB 24-11-2020
42 Aaj Ka Vakya: What subjects are you graduating in? Download 1.78 MB 23-11-2020
43 Aaj Ka Vakya: I live in a nearby hostel. Download 1.77 MB 22-11-2020
44 Aaj Ka Vakya: The library is far from the main gate of the college. Download 1.78 MB 21-11-2020
45 Aaj Ka Vakya: I want to go to the library. Download 1.72 MB 20-11-2020
46 Aaj Ka Vakya: Can you tell us about tomorrow's meeting? Download 1.97 MB 19-11-2020
47 Aaj Ka Vakya: Please send a reply to my query urgently. Download 1.75 MB 18-11-2020
48 Aaj Ka Vakya: My colleagues are very disciplined. Download 1.74 MB 17-11-2020
49 Aaj Ka Vakya: I have complete knowledge about office activities. Download 1.59 MB 16-11-2020
50 Aaj Ka Vakya: I have to get to the office early today. Download 1.73 MB 15-11-2020
51 Aaj Ka Vakya: I go to the office by bus. Download 1.76 MB 14-11-2020
52 Aaj Ka Vakya: My leave application has been accepted. Download 1.73 MB 13-11-2020
53 Aaj Ka Vakya: Information has reached local offices. Download 1.73 MB 12-11-2020
54 Aaj Ka Vakya: List of all participants is ready. Download 1.73 MB 11-11-2020
55 Aaj Ka Vakya: An article has been prepared on this activity. Download 1.73 MB 10-11-2020
56 Aaj Ka Vakya: Give information to all departments. Download 1.67 MB 09-11-2020
57 Aaj Ka Vakya: How many people will attend the meeting? Download 1.78 MB 08-11-2020
58 Aaj Ka Vakya: There is going to be a meeting in my office tomorrow. Download 1.73 MB 07-11-2020
59 Aaj Ka Vakya: Give me the file. Download 1.73 MB 06-11-2020
60 Aaj Ka Vakya: Lunch time is 1 o'clock. Download 1.68 MB 05-11-2020