Sr.No. Title Download/Details Publish Date
1 Aaj Ka Vakya: The medical store is at a distance of 100 meters. Download 813.6 KB 03-01-2021
2 Aaj Ka Vakya: I am not feeling well. Download 813.1 KB 02-01-2021
3 Aaj Ka Vakya: How long does it take by metro to reach the railway station from this place? Download 819.52 KB 01-01-2021
4 Aaj Ka Vakya: You can take the metro to your office. Download 834.65 KB 31-12-2020
5 Aaj Ka Vakya: The nearest bus stop is one kilometre away. Download 815.26 KB 30-12-2020
6 Aaj Ka Vakya: Please guide me to the railway station. Download 816.27 KB 29-12-2020
7 Aaj Ka Vakya: Where can I buy stationery? Download 885.59 KB 28-12-2020
8 Aaj Ka Vakya: Is there a book shop nearby? Download 835.46 KB 27-12-2020
9 Aaj Ka Vakya: Would you like sugar in your tea? Download 815.32 KB 26-12-2020
10 Aaj Ka Vakya: Are you allergic to any food? Download 796.24 KB 25-12-2020
11 Aaj Ka Vakya: Please wear warm clothes in the evening. Download 842.09 KB 24-12-2020
12 Aaj Ka Vakya: What is the usual winter temperature here? Download 802.62 KB 23-12-2020
13 Aaj Ka Vakya: Is it safe to eat at the roadside eateries? Download 839.12 KB 22-12-2020
14 Aaj Ka Vakya: Do shops here accept online payment? Download 818.71 KB 21-12-2020
15 Aaj Ka Vakya: Is it safe to go out at night? Download 836.16 KB 20-12-2020
16 Aaj Ka Vakya: Where can I buy a tourist map? Download 781.1 KB 19-12-2020
17 Aaj Ka Vakya: I would like to go sightseeing. Download 834.88 KB 18-12-2020
18 Aaj Ka Vakya: Please let me know if you need something. Download 757.01 KB 17-12-2020
19 Aaj Ka Vakya: Would you like to take some rest? Download 842.99 KB 16-12-2020
20 Aaj Ka Vakya: Would you like to have some water? Download 682.91 KB 15-12-2020