Disclosure of Central Government Accounting Data

Secretary (Tourism) is the Chief Accounting Authority of the Ministry of Tourism. He discharges this responsibility with the assistance of the Additional Secretary Financial Adviser (AS&FA)of the department and the  Chief Finacial Controller.

The  Chief Financial Controller heads the accounting organization and reports to the Secretary  through the ASFA.

The accounting organization comprises the Principal Accounts Office, Internal Audit Wing and  one Pay Accounts

Office at Delhi The Chief Financial Controller is Head of the Department for the accounting organization.

The office of C.F.C.is responsible for:

  1.  All payments pertaining to Ministry of Tourism are made through Pay and  Accounts Office and cheque drawing  DDOs of department located at various parts of the country.
  2. Preparing and accounting of Receipt Budget of the Ministry. 
  3. Compilation and consolidation of the monthly accounts of the Ministry and its submission to the Controller General  of Accounts.
  4. Arranging Internal Inspection of payments and records of initial accounts, maintained by the various units and PAO of the Ministry.
  5. Timely and accurate compilation and consolidation of monthly and annual accounts.
  6. Adherence to prescribed accounting standards, rules and principles.

The CFC’s organization discharges its above responsibilities through two basic units

  1.  Pay and Accounts office
  2.  Principal Accounts office.

THE PAY AND ACCOUNTS OFFICE is the basic unit of departmentalized accounts organization. 

          Ministry of Tourism has one PAO located at New Delhi.  Its main functions include: 

  • Pre-Check and payment of all bills, including those of loans and grants-in-aid, submitted by

          Non-Cheque Drawing DDOs.

  • Issue of quarterly Letters of Credit to Cheque Drawing DDOs.  

THE PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTS OFFICE is common to Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Tourism and performs all administrative functions on matters relating to the Accounting Organization in these Ministries.