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Integrated Finance Division

Integrated Finance Division
  • To ensure the schedule of preparation of Budget by the Ministry in accordance with the instructions of Finance Ministry
  • To see that complete Departmental accounts are maintained in accordance with the requirements under the General Financial Rules.
  • To watch and review the progress of expenditure against sanctioned grants.
  • To screen the proposals for supplementary Demands for Grants.
  • To advise the Administrative Ministry on all matters falling within the field of delegated powers.
  • To ensure prompt action on Audit Reports and Appropriation Accounts.
  • Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings.

Divisional Head

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email Id Term ID
Shri Nitin kumarDirector 91-11-23358656 57 dsadmn-tour[at]nic[dot]in 19

Other Officer

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email id Term ID
Shri Subrata HalderUnder Secretary 91-11-23321794 53 halder[dot]subrata[at]nic[dot]in 20
Shri Surendra KumarUnder Secretary 91-11-23321794 41 surendra1971[at]gmail[dot]com 20
Mr. N. SwaminathanFinancial Officer 91-11-23752167 43 swamiathreya[dot]moca[at]nic[dot]in 185
Shri V. P. DhankarSection Officer 91-11-23752167 43 184
Ms. Banaja BehraAssistant 011-23752167 43 495
Ms. Sonali KalraAssistant 011-23752167 43 495
Mr. Ashish SainiAssistant 011-23752167 43 495
Mr. Mukesh KumarAssistant 011-23752167 43 495
Mr. S.L. SapruConsultant 43 183