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Scheme for support to Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development (Viability Gap undoing)

The Scheme for Financial Support to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Infrastructure. It will be a Plan Scheme to be administered by the Ministry of Finance. Suitable budgetary provisions will be made in the Annual Plans on a year-to year basis.

Empowered Committee means a Committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Economic Affairs) and including Secretary Planning Commission, Secretary (Expenditure) and the Secretary of the line Ministry dealing with the subject.

Empowered Institution means an institution, company or inter-ministerial group designated by the Government for the purposes of this scheme.

Lead Financial Institution means the financial institution (FI) that is funding the PPP project, and in case there is a consortium of FIs, the FI designated as such by the consortium;

Private Sector Company means a company in which 51% or more of the subscribed and paid up equity is owned and controlled by a private entity;

Project Term means the duration of the contract or concession agreement for the PPP project;

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project means a project based on a contract or concession agreement, between a Government or statutory entity on the one side and a private sector company on the other side, for delivering an infrastructure service on payment of user charges;

Total Project Cost means the lower of the total capital cost of the PPP Project: (a) as estimated by the government/statutory entity that owns the project, (b) as sanctioned by the Lead Financial Institution, and (c) as actually expended; but does not in any case include the cost of land incurred by the government/statutory entity; and

Viability Gap Funding or Grant means a grant one-time or deferred, provided under this Scheme with the objective of making a project commercially viable.