The Hotel & Restaurant Division is responsible for processing online applications and granting project level approval to hotels under construction. The Hotel & Restaurant Division also classifies operational hotels under the star rating system. Under this system, hotels are given a rating, from One Star to Three Star, Four and Five Star with or without alcohol, Five Star Deluxe, Heritage (Basic), Heritage (Classic), Heritage (Grand), Legacy
Vintage (Basic), Legacy Vintage (Classic) and Legacy Vintage (Grand). Classification is done on the basis of inspection of hotels which is undertaken by the Hotel and Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee (HRACC), set up by this Ministry. The Division also approves properties in other categories viz, tented accommodation, apartment hotels, motels, Guest Houses, standalone restaurants, convention centres, Time Share Resorts, Bed & Breakfast establishments, air catering units and restaurants and Online Travel Aggregators. Issues plaguing the hotel industry which is brought to the notice of the Ministry of Tourism are
taken up from time to time with concerned ministries like the M/o Finance, NITI Aayog.

Sr.No. Title Downloads
1 National Strategy for Promotion of Rural Homestays 2022 Download 8.7 MB
2 Hospitality Development And Promotion Board (HDPB). Download 11.81 KB
3 Instruction for Regional Directors in regard to Classification/Reclassification of Hotels. Download 119.51 KB
4 Letters from Ministry of Tourism to State Government of Kerala for De-Linking of the classification process of the MoT from issuance of liquor license for hotels by the State Excise Department. Download 2.72 MB
5 Representation seeking support for Tourism Industry in Kerala Download 2.84 MB
6 Good Goverance Initiatives:Standard Operating Procedures for Timely,Objective and Transparent Classification/Reclassification of Hotels Download 20.02 KB
7 Standard Operating Procedures for State Governments in regard to Classification/Reclassification of Hotels. Download 115.36 KB