Domestic Offices

Domestic Office Division

1. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, through its 20 Domestic India Tourism Office across the country positions its tourism products in the consumer psyche and stimulates inter-state travel. This objective is met by launching a multi-pronepromotional campaign. The specific elements of this campaign
includes advertising in print and electronic media, participationin fairs and exhibitions, organising seminars, workshops forstakeholders and service providers, as well as printing of brochures and collaterals and handling of the Hospitality programme
2. These 20 offices are divided into five zones i.e. North, South, East, West, North-East and are known as Regional Offices. Each Regional Office is headed by the Regional Director/ Deputy Director General. Regional Director Tourism Office in Delhi looks after the Northern Region with the offices in Jaipur,
Varanasi, Agra. Regional Director Tourism Office in Chennai looks after the Southern Region with the offices in Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad. Regional Director Tourism Office in Kolkata looks after the Eastern Region with the offices in Patna, Bhubaneswar, Port Blair. Regional Director Tourism Office in Mumbai looks after the Western Region with the offices in (Panaji) Goa, Aurangabad, and Indore. Regional Director Tourism Office in Guwahati looks after the North- Eastern Region with the offices in Imphal, Shillong & Naharlagun.
3. The post of Regional Director is equivalent to Deputy Secretary in the Government of India (GoI). The offices in Jaipur, Bengaluru and Patna are headed by Director/Asst. DG equivalent to Under Secretary in the GoI. The remaining offices are headedby Manager/Assistant Director equivalent to Section Officer in the GoI with exception of Naharlagun which is looked after by Tourist Information Officer
4. Domestic Office Division looks after mainly the administrative/ financial aspect of these 20 India Tourism Offices. This ensures their smooth functioning in carrying out marketing/publicity/advertising/promotional activities in the area of their jurisdiction in close coordination and collaboration with
the State’s/UT’s, Hotels and Tourism Service Provider.
5. The Order containing the Delegation of Financial Powers (DFP) to Regional Directors/ Directors/ Managers for exercising them only for Plan Funds which is ‘Tourism Promotion’ and ‘Window
Display’ is placed at Flag ‘A’.
6. This division process the administrative/financial proposals received from various domestic India Tourism Offices and convey the approval of the Ministry to them which is beyond their Delegated Powers or not within their administrative powers as follows:-

  • Hiring/Continuation/Shifting of Office Accommodation.
  • Hiring of Tourist Information Counter at Airport.
  • Finalisation of Annual Action Plan
  • Plan Budget for Tourism Promotion (TP) and Window Display(WD) Head.
  • Proposals relating to organising Mini/Mega Events during Paryatan Parv, International Yoga Day, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, Swachhata Pakhwara etc which are beyond the financial powers of Regional Directors.
  • Proposals relating to participation in Tourism Trade fairs.
  • Organising Road Shows, Seminars, Workshop, Training Programme to Service providers, Joint Promotions with State Government.
  • Advertisement- Print, Radio Jungle, Outdoor, Online etc.
  • Printing and Production of Brochures, Giveaway items, etc.
  • Court cases.
  • Other miscellaneous work.

7. Domestic Office Division is also responsible to organise/coordinate all logistics and approvals pertaining to holding of annual International Tourism Mart (ITM) held in different North-Eastern (NE) States in association with host NE State. Till date eight editions of the ITM has been held. The eighth edition of the ITM 2019 was held from 23rd to 25 th November 2019 in Imphal, Manipur with participation of foreign
tour operators (delegates) and media and their meeting with domestic tour operator and FAM Trip for foreign delegates by NE States. Holding of ITM in the NE States is to increase the flow of tourist traffic to that region resulting to boost NE economy through a multiplier effect and thereby creation of jobs.

Divisional Head
Name & Designation Email Id Telephone Intercom
Mr. Arun Srivastava
Joint Director General 011-23358656 57
Other Officers
Name & Designation Email Id Telephone Intercom
Mr. Vibhava Tripathi
Assistant Director General 011-23719608 34
Mr. N. Velmurugan
Assistant Director 011-23013978 159
Ms. Moutoshi Naskar
Assistant Director 011-23015153