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Publicity and Events

Publicity and Events

  • All matters pertaining to printing of posters, brochures, banners etc. and release of advertisement (print as well as electronic).
  • All matters pertaining to organising events.
  • All matters pertaining to information technology up gradation thereof.

Publicity Information Material

As part of its marketing / publicity activities, the Ministry of Tourism brings out brochures, leaflets, maps, films, CDs, etc. on various topics. Each heading given below details the theme on an all India basis, based on availability of the respective products. In case of the destination folders, the leaflet / folder / brochure gives the information about the place or the destination with various facets of the facilities available, sight seeing around the place, important telephone numbers and the contact points of Indiatourism officers. Similarly, the films deal with the subject in its entirety covering all destinations of the country.

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