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Office of the Chief Financial Controller (CFC) - Pay & Accounts Office (PAO)

Office of the Chief Finance Controller

Divisional Head

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email Id Term ID
Smt. Bandhula SagarChief Financial Controller 011-24629552 cfc[dot]moca[at]gov[dot]in 383

Other Officers

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email id Term ID
Mr. Bhupendra SinghPay & Accounts Officer 011-23015907 151 bhupendersingh[dot]17[at]nic[dot]in, paot_040951[at]yahoo[dot]com  617
Mr. Satish KumarAAO 011-23015907 155 paot_040951[at]yahoo[dot]com 616