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  • All matters concerning human resource development including institutions of hotel management, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, and National Council of Hotel Management
  • All matters concerning the scheme of Capacity Building of Service Providers
  • All matters concerning Domestic Tourism

Divisional Head

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email Id Term ID
Shri. Arun SrivastavaDeputy Director General 011-23724175 136 srivastava[dot]arun[at]gov[dot]in 627

Other Officers

Name & Designation Telephone (O) Intercom Email id Term ID
Shri Subrata HalderUnder Secretary 011-23724170 104 halder[dot]subrata[at]nic[dot]in 20
Ms. Banaja BehraAssistant Director 011-23724170 104 banaja[dot]behra[at]nic[dot]in 22